Friday, February 20, 2009

Rendezvouz Photography Website

The website has been upgraded! I've included some new images and made other changes.

Take a few minutes & check it out...


I am currently taking the Complete Course in Professional Photgraphy from the New York Institute Of Photography.

I decided to spend the significant amount of money in order to improve my photography, plus learn more about the business of professional photography, in order to take Rendezvouz Photography to the next level.

I just completed Unit One. In order to complete this unit, I took 3 written tests and had to submit 3 images for review & comment.

Image One was to show a narrow depth of field (the subject in focus, everything else is out of focus:


Image Two was to show a wide depth of field (everything is in focus):

"Surf Training"
This is a U.S. Coast Guard 47-foot vessel training at Depoe Bay, Oregon.
And the third image was to show the illusion of speed:

"Fast Boy"

You can see more of my images taken for Unit One on my Flickr page...